Just a Note

Hello everyone, I know it’s Monday again – the weekend flies by but I hope you have had a good weekend!

I get my inspiration for my crafts from all over the place, but I still am sometimes surprised at where it can jump out from! I was brushing my teeth and glanced in the mirror at the ancient t-shirt I was wearing and suddenly thought “I could make a card like that”! My t-shirt doesn’t have butterflies on it but it is grey with lilac and grey swirls on it. 

I knew exactly what colours of card and ink to use, as Stampin’ Up has the perfect shades of card that I needed, and I have also recently bought a new ink pad set with a lovely grey shade. I hope you can see the shades – I took photos in two separate areas and the colours look slightly different in each!

I also knew that in one of my many boxes of stamps I had a lovely stamp set of swirls, but I had to rummage to find it! The butterflies were easier though as I have loads of butterfly stamps. I enjoyed dragging out craft supplies that I hadn’t used in ages though!

Anyway, I hope you like the end result – all from a shabby old t-shirt! Remember inspiration can come from anything around you!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this weeks card gives you some inspiration!


These are the products I used for this project:

Supply List

P.S. The beautiful Blackberry Bliss cardstock and ink are expiring soon – get them while you still can!

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